51 ways to create memories with your family

51 ways to create memories with your family

Time is not guaranteed to anyone. This is why it is important to intentionally create those special memories with our family and loved ones.

Being a mum is a complete juggling act, and having a moment to think of what to do can be very time consuming. This is why I have created a list of 51 memorable activities you can do together with your family.


I really enjoyed sharing the things we do as a family, but also finding new activities and ideas. I intend to use every one as well and keep the list for myself. Need a printable list? Download the PDF and keep it close so you can easily pick an activity to do together as a family.

Family laughing and making memories

Put away your phone

In a world of phone addiction, it can be difficult to stay in the moment when your phone is in your hand. So I recommend taking your picture at the beginning, and then putting your phone in a different room, on silent. Enjoy the moment with your family without the distractions of a pinging phone.

Find the best time to create memories

When creating your family memories, it doesn’t have to take up all your day, every day. Being intentional is about finding the best time to create your memories. If your life is really busy, why not schedule intentional family time into your routine?

Keep it simple

If you try to overcomplicate things, the likelihood is, you won’t follow through. Make your family moments enjoyable, simple and frequent.

Be excited

Your enthusiasm will rub off on everyone else in your family. So have a great attitude when creating your family memories.

Get involved

Be involved in the family time. You will be shocked how children appreciate the times their parents are willing to do something their children love, even if the parent is not good at it. Try not to leave your children to do the activity along. It is more memorable if everyone is involved.

Ideas for creating your family memories

Making memories at home with your family

1. Have a candlelit dinner at home – let everyone dress to impress

2. Bake together – You can even make it a baking competition

3. Do a family photoshoot in your home/ garden

4. Do a family art project together

5. Put together a puzzle in a set amount of time

6. Play oldschool games e.g hide and seek or tag (This is a favourite in our house. you can take it to the next level by playing it in the evening in the dark)

7. Go for an impromptu evening walk together

8. Play board games. I have listed a few of our favourite games below

Here are some board games we play regularly

Blockus  (This is a great strategic game for the family. It only has a max of 4 players, but everyone can still join in the fun)

Dominoes (Honestly, I liked this one, just because it is colourful. But you can get a normal black and white dominoes set)

Chinese checkers (We recently introduced our children to Chinese Checkers. It’s a new favourite in our home, along with the good old snakes and ladders.)

Chess (My husband is the one that got the kids into chess. I had to learn because they were all beating me. It is another great strategic game.)

Monopoly (Always a household favourite. We had to teach our children as both my husband I grew up on this game)

Junior monopoly (We started with junior monopoly, not only is it easier for children, but also the game doesn’t last as long…. which is great.)

Kids Articulate (This is a great game to get the children describing and talking. For our youngest who can’t read, I whisper the word in his ear and he does the rest. He actually loves this game.)

Articulate (When you feel the kids articulate is too easy, you can upgrade to the adult one.)

9.   Make a paper plane contest

10. Read aloud – have a family read aloud book that everyone listens to and gets excited about

11. Watch a film together with hot chocolate and homemade popcorn

12. Learn a new skill together

13. Plan a scavenger hunt

14. Have a dance party – Teach your children your dance moves from back in the day

15. Teach a new card game

16. Have a picnic in your garden/ living room

17. Build a fort and read stories with a flashlight

18. Schedule 1-2-1 dates with your your children – get to know them more

19. Call your family / grandparents and conduct a family interview

20. Make a family tree together

21. Cook dinner together – let everyone cook a different part of the meal

22. Create your favourite dessert – Homemade ice-cream or an array of different desserts, I am sure your children would love this.

23. Create a family hand cast 

24. Create a family scrapbook – showcase everything you have done throughout the year

25. Have your children make a book about themselves – Include their birthday, what they enjoy doing, favourite activity

26. Star gaze – get a blanket and watch the stars at night in your back garden

27. Make a puppet show – at bedtime, turn the lights of, shine a light on your hands and have fun doing a puppet show on the wall

28. Play the message game – draw on your child’s back and see if they can decipher the message

29. Family Story Huddle – Have everyone lay on your bed and tell funny stories to each other. Who can create the best story?

30. Find the timer – Set a noisy timer and hide it. See who can find the timer first.


Making memories as a family outside the home

31. Visit a new restaurant

32. Look in your local area or on Facebook events, and try a new event together

33. Visit a new place in your country

34. Plan a family trip abroad

35. Attend a concert

36. Go somewhere you would never think of going to

37. Go camping

38. Have a professional family photoshoot

39. Host a family sports day

40. Go fruit picking

41. Plan a road trip

42. Start a family tradition – This could be around Christmas, easter, holidays or birthdays. Make it your own.

43. Go to the beach

44. Visit an art gallery

45. Visit a zoo or safari

46. Learn how to do pottery as a family

47. Be a tourist in your hometown – explore your town/ city and learn about your area

48. Visit a waterpark

49. Try out a new themepark

50. Go on a family bike ride / roller skate together

51. The Mystery – Have a surprise ride to somewhere. It could be their grandparents, friends house, local cinema. Keep them guessing, give clues… but don’t spoil the surprise

Why not ask your children what their favourite family memory is so far?

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