Book Review – Don’t Over Think It by Anne Bogel

Book Review – Don’t Over Think It by Anne Bogel

If you overthink and overthinking stops you from making decisions, whether small or big… Then this book is written especially for you!

If you are up at night, mulling over the decisions you made and wondering whether it was the right one or maybe you find what to each for dinner overwhelming, stressful and pretty frustrating… then I recommend you grab a copy with a cup of tea and have a read.

Inside you will find simple strategies to help you overcome those negative thought patterns, and replace them with positive ones. You will also learn how to reduce the precious time your spend overthinking.

a quote from anne Bogels book Don't Over Think It.

Anne Bogel is well known for her blog Modern Ms Darcy and her trend podcast what should I read next.


Anne loves to read books and shares her love and what she learns with those around the world. The title of her book is what intrigued me the most.


I saw a friend reading it and being a fellow overthinker (though I shouldn’t say this as Anne clearly states in her book) I knew I just had to read this.

You should definitely read this book ….

        ❤️ If you are a mum struggling with overthinking

        ❤️ If you find it hard to make decisions

        ❤️ You want less stress and overwhelm when making important decisions

        ❤️ You want to improve how you  process your thoughts

My Honest Opinion of the book: Don't Overthink It

For anyone that knows me, they know that I can be extremely indecisive at the best of times, and for many good reasons… good reasons to me.


I love how Anne hit the nail on the head for nearly every reason why I overthink. Splurging has always been an issue for me, I can tell you a million and one reasons why I shouldn’t, and honestly, this has hindered me and my family from making more lasting memories.


Whilst Anne doesn’t condone spending outside your means, she does give practical tips on how to live in the moment, make memories and make those hard decisions about one-off splurges.


Family time, lasting memories and experiences are really important to me, and this chapter spoke to me personally.


I listened to this book on audiobook, it was an easy listen, and allowed me to complete housework as I was going. If you know me, I am not great with audiobooks, I feel like I miss a lot, but it was a pleasantly positive experience.


With great tips, next steps after each chapter and someone whom I could relate to.

Why mums should read Don't Overthink It

Overthinking and procrastination can be crippling for any individual. But when you have little humans expecting an answer, a solution, a way out… being able to respond quickly and come to decisions within a reasonable time, is so important.

Instead of letting anxiety and guilt grip you, why not learn the strategies to make your days less stressful, less overwhelming and less frustrating.

Let me know what you think about the book, below.

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