Book Review – The House of Music: Raising The Kanneh-Mason’s

Book Review – The House of Music: Raising The Kanneh-Mason’s

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In the book House of Music, Kadiatur Janneh-Mason, shares her journey from childhood to adulthood, marrying her true love and becoming a devoted wife and mum to 7 children.

Despite completing her PHD at the age of 25, Kadiatu Kanneh-Mason chose to stay home and raise her musically talented family. Their family journey is one of sheer inspiration.

Not only does Kadiatu transfix the reader with her melodious words, but also manages to bring the reader into her family’s private world.

I felt an instant connection to Kadiatu, as a mother, understanding her reality of juggling family life of 7 children, determined to see each one flourish in their own right, whilst consumer with the worries and concerns many parents have to face.

Honestly, when I heard about the Kanneh-Mason’s, I thought their life was easy, all musically talented because they had everything given to them. Instead this autobiography is one of sacrifice, love, determination, drive and family at the centre of it all

You should definitely read this book ….

        ❤️ If your family are into music and would like an insight into what life could be like

        ❤️ If you would like to read about about a mother that normalises the chaos of family life

        ❤️ You love a good autobiography

        ❤️ Enjoy engaging, well written books

My Honest Opinion of the book: The House of Music

I love how the different events in their lives are woven together to provide the reader a full and rich picture of the Kanneh-Masons life.

Kaditu does not try to make her life glamorous, instead you can feel the joys, highs, lows, tears and pain that she went through from a child losing her dad, to moving to a country and experiencing racism to battling pregnancy sickness for each pregnancy to raising 7 musically talented children with little financial backing or classical knowledge.

Having children who have an interest in music, and finding it challenging to get all the children practising daily for a good amount of time, I was hoping I would be able to get more of the intricate details regarding how she managed to get all 7 children practising daily.

However, there were little gems that I took from it. For example 30 minutes a day, every day can go a long way.

This is what I intend to start doing with my little ones, especially as they are currently enjoying piano practice.

Why mums should read House of Music: Raising the Kanneh-Masons

As a mum, this reminded me of why I choose to do what I do for out children, and that I am not alone in the upward challenge of motherhood.

My life doesn’t have to look perfect. It doesn’t have to be struggle and stress free for my children to thrive. Faith, love, hope and family were the themes of this book, and themes that align with how my husband and I intend to raise our family.

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