Mama's Bookshelf

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I love reading, I really do. Honestly, with young children my reading has slowed down drastically. But I wanted to be able to share with you the books that I have enjoyed, and hope you have the opportunity to enjoy as well.

❤️ If you are a mum struggling with overthinking

❤️ If you find it hard to make decisions

❤️ You want less stress and overwhelm when making important decisions

❤️ You want to improve how you  process your thoughts

❤️Learn how your child’s brain works and why they respond in certain ways

❤️ Get 12 simple strategies to help you effectively deal with emotional or challenging behaviours (including tantrums)

❤️ Learn how to connect with your child on an emotional level

❤️ Learn more about your child’s development

❤️ Gain a scientific understanding of how the brain works… in a way you can

❤️ If your family loves  music and would like an insight into what life could be like

❤️ Read about a mum of 7 that normalises the chaos of family life

❤️ You love a good autobiography

❤️ Enjoy engaging, well written books

❤️ If you want your vulnerability to be your strength and not your weakness

❤️ You are ready for change in your life

❤️ You are ready to work on yourself and do some deep soul searching

❤️ You are not afraid to be challenged.

No time to read? Don't worry, why not listen to the books on audible instead?