Meet Kashina

I always knew one day I would be a mum, but I never knew motherhood would be like this.

Hey Mama, my name is Kashina and I am a Christian, wife to an incredible hubby, homeschooling mum to 7 triplet girls and 4 year old son.

No one could have prepared me for the roller coaster I have been on in my motherhood journey. I mean, who expects to have triplets on their first pregnancy? I am sure I am not alone in having the unexpected happen in your motherhood journey.

Like you, I wear many hats from being a referee, judge, cook and cleaner. This can definitely become overwhelming very quickly, but I have learnt over time to truly enjoy motherhood and be fulfilled in who I am and what I do.

My journey of motherhood has been extremely eventful, high, lows, the feeling of burnout, not having enough time to fit everything in, feeling like I am just not good enough and ‘I can’t do this motherhood thing’.

Truth be told... I lost my identity when I became a mum.

I had a warped view of how I was meant to be as a mum. I put these crazy pressures on myself, became crippled by mum guilt and was constantly comparing myself to other mums who seemed to “just have it all other“. I kept pushing and trying until I couldn’t go on anymore. My body gave up on me. Something had to change! Now I share what that change is with other mums.

I believe when mum is physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually healthy, she is able to give so much more to her family. I want all mums to be the best version of themselves, so they can be the best for their family.

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Mama's Power Hour

Starting at £60

This is a 60 minute, 1-2-1 power hour coaching session, where we dive deep into what is holding you back from thriving and causing the real overwhelm. By the end you will have a routine and simple systems to help you get back on track. This is for the Mama who needs quick results.

The Mums Can Academy

Starting at £29/pm

Monthly live workshops, additional tools and resources to help you thrive in motherhood and the world, guest speakers and a thriving community of mums. You will grow physically, emotionally and spiritually as I provide you with the tools needed to be the best version of yourself. This is for the Mama who wants accountability and ongoing support along their motherhood journey

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Want to know more about Kashina?

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love all things Spanish, though I really am not great at it. I also enjoy reading and have a love for exercising and sports.

What is your favourite colour?

I love all things Spanish, though I really am not great at it. I also enjoy reading and have a love for exercising and sports.

Why do you do what you do?

I believe The Most High God gave us triplets for a reason. Having them gave me a different type of insight into motherhood. I faced some struggles before my other mum friends, simply because we had 3 babies all at once. I went through some lonely and dark days and I don’t want any mum to have to go through those days alone.

What was it like finding out you had triplets?

I laughed because I didn’t know what else to do. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared, I really was. But there was a peace about it too.

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