Writing letters to your children

Writing letters to your children

Ever thought about writing letters to your children?

I walked into my son’s room and a tear almost came to my eye.

The thought just hit me, my lil man was growing up. His birthday was coming up in the next few days, and the thought that I no longer had a baby hit me harder than expected.

I realised that these moments were truly passing me by… I mean, I know everyone says it, but it was actually happening to me! I wanted to be able to savour it.

It was there I thought I need a way to remember all of these special moments, the mundane moments, the quirky things my children do, their personality, what they did that made me laugh, what annoyed me, what made me smile. The little pet names I would call each one … I wanted to be able to remember everything (because my memory just isn’t what it used to me you know)

Writing letters to your children

I had always wanted to be that mum that writes beautiful letters to their children and shares has lots of little memorabilia…. but this has just not happened yet.

So I decided to do something I knew I could do. Something I could keep up with and would not add to the mum guilt or feeling of failure.

I decided to set up an email account for each of my children, and each year, around their birthday, I will send them an email (which I can write out at a later date).

When the children are old enough, I will give them the login to their emails and they will have lots of emails from mum and dad, sharing special memories, our thoughts towards them and even prayers.

And that is is!




When I am on the laptop / either on my phone. I can start writing those emails or letters to each child.

Things you could include in your email/letters to your children

  1. What they did this year?
  2. What you love about them?
  3. What made you smile?
  4. What did they accomplish this year?
  5. What do you think they would like to remember?
  6. Wish and hopes for the future
  7. Lessons they learnt

The beauty about writing to your children, is there is no right or wrong way of doing it.

There is no example, no formula…. no secret sauce.

This is just about you writing to your children from the heart. 💖


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